Aria is Jason's older sister, and the main cause behind his actions in the Strike of Jason Arc.


Aria is shown to be a very kind girl, although sickly and weak due to an illness. Not much is seen of her, but she is known to be very intuitive, seeing right through Jason's disguise when she saw him on TV. Aria is also very understanding, and forgives her brother's ill acts when he apologizes to everyone.


Aria is a blond-haired, medium-height thin girl with blue eyes. She has been seen in a hospital gown during all of her appearances. Despite being confined inside, she has quite a tan.


She is hospitalized before the start of the story with a mysterious illness, causing Jason to attempt to find a cure. In his search, he discovers that, by collecting battle energy, he can create a Bakugan called Rage Naga, who emits an aura that can cure the illnesses. The majority of Jason's appearances are to further his goal and, once it is accomplished, he wastes no time in using Rage Naga to cure his sister.


Although none of her Bakugan are revealed, it is stated that she is a Haos battler.