Bakugan:Apocylapse Dragon is the Fourth series of Bakugan.

Dan Kuso:A boy from Planet Earth.He discovers that 3 new atributes,Thundros,Icorin,& Rocondo have been unleashed.As a Result new bakugan species have Apperaed,also Including Shiny Bakugan.(I,ll tell you something,Some new bakugan Are actully pokemon from the Pokemon universe).Guardian:Inferno Dragonoid-Wildfire Dragonoid.

Runo Misaki:Dan's girlfriend.She first Appeared In AD002.Guardian:Blade Tiggera-Lightning Tiggera.

Julie Makomato:A girl from Bakugan Valley.She also first appeared in AD002,alongside Runo,Marucho,and Shun.Guardian:Hammer Gorem-Titan Gorem.

Marucho:A rich kid from earth. Guardian:Preyas-Predator Preyas.

Shun Kazimi:A silent kid who is powerful. Guardian:Master Ingram-Skylord Ingram.

Alice:A russian girl.Guardian:Alpha Hydranoid-Mega Hydranoid.

Christopher, Kris & Erik:Three boys Who replace Runo, Marucho, and Julie. Guardians:Amphoros,Juggernoid,and .