Bakugan: Brawl Evolution is a fanon formerly known as Bakugan: Return of the Vexos.

Plot (Part 1)Edit

Spectra and the Vexos are back! Spectra has gathered new brawlers as his minions, and is allied with the Vexos! Together they are out to get the Attribute Crystal and the Perfect Core. But what exactly compelled Spectra to do this? The Resistance returns, with an all new lineup. The Resistance enters a tournament, Vexos V. Resistance. The winner of the tournament gets the Attribute Crystal. Who will win?


The New Resistance:

Tora: The leader of the United Resistance, and the Dakus user of the group. He is partnered with Darkus Phosphos.

Miyako: The Aquos user of the team, and an excellent strategist. She is partnered with Aquos Snapzoid.

Anthony: A Ventus user, he uses Ventus Lumagrowl.

Joel: A Subterra user, he uses Subterra Coredem.

James: A Pyrus user, he uses Pyrus Avior.

Connor: A Haos user, he uses Haos Aranaut.

Spectra's Minions:Edit

Spectra-Mask: Spectra's alter ego, a Pyrus user, uses Pyrus Reverse Helios.

Spectra Phantom: Leader of his team, a Pyrus user, uses Pyrus Helios MK3.

Gus Grav: Spectra's right hand man, a Subterra user, uses Subterra Rex Vulcan.

Shay: An Aquos user, he uses Aquos Farakspin.

Toshiro: A Haos user, he uses Haos Krakix.

Karin: A Ventus user, she uses Ventus Sabator.

Arturo: A Darkus user, he uses Darkus Dharak.

Marshall: Member of the Special Brawl Team, a Subterra user, uses Subterra Lumitroid.

Sven: Leader of the Special Brawl Team, a Pyrus user, uses Pyrus Quake Dragonoid.

Morgan Kazami: A subordinate of the Special Brawl team, Shun Kazami's brother, a Ventus user, uses Ventus Strikeflier.

Old Resistance:Edit

Dan Kuso: Leader of the old Resistance, a Pyrus user, uses Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid.

Shun Kazami: A Ventus user, uses Ventus Shogun Ingram.

Ace Grit: A Darkus user, uses Darkus Midnight Percival.

Baron Leltoy: A Haos user, uses Haos Eternity Nemus.

Mira Clay: A Subterra user, uses Subterra Volcanic Wilda.

Marucho Marukura: An Aquos user, uses Aquos Kappa Elfin and Aquos Preyas.