Barbara with her Axe.

 "!" Barbara changing Dan and Drago to a battle.

Barbara (バーバラ Bābara), also called Barbaranoid (バーバラノイド Bābaranoido), is a humanoid-like Bakugan, and also a monster-like bear Bakugan, and is the bakugan main charater in Bakugan: Bakugan Legends. She is Catie Ringo's Guardian Bakugan.


She is an hotheaded,coaky,preteen like girl who ofthen gets into batlles real fast and always end them quickly with her axe.she has pink hair,purple eyes,weats an black shirt with an yellow jacket outlined with pink parkings,yellow shorts outlined with pink marking with an brown belt,and green,yellow and white shoes.she is found to be super fast and can can defeat her enemys with an single strike with her axe.she also has an pet dinosaur.


Quick axe - she runs super fast to confuse her eneimes and adds 300 gs.

Axe throw - she throws her axe at her foe and subtracts 100 gs too foe.

Hyper axe - her axe becomes super big and pounds it into the ground and adds 100gs.

Axe swing - she paces her axe back and forth and then swings the axe and adds 200gs.

Axe combo - she slaches her axe 2 times then kicks the foe and adds 100 gs.

Morlock axe - when she transforms herself into a bear form, she runs ultra fast to kick her eneimes and adds 1100 gs.

Life Restrain - She is able to revive a deceased being, and return him/her to his/her former glory.


  • She hates to be called an "Lady" and hates to wear skirts, meaning she an complete tomboy.
  • She wants to become an ledendary soldier.
  • She introduse her self to Knight Percival and Ace when she was about to batlle them:"i am not an lady my name is Barbara,got it?".
  • she is siumalair To Barbara from the coming game Rayman legends,they even have the same name.
  • Fantina always forgets her name calling her "barasia" or "Bertam" which anger her completely.
  • It is reveled that she will evole into knight Barbara.
  • She transforms herself into a terri-bull bear form, the "Mor'du form", and with the Morlock Axe (her same axe that was transformed into a powerful axe).


" Shut up." To Preyas

" I wasn't talking to you, Mcdork." Barbara talking to Marucho.

"That Wasn't suppose to happen..." Barbara suprise at Quickaxe messing up, Deleted scene. 

"X Masquerade, I've resurrected my new friend Celia Ashford, I am the terrible bear with my Morlock Axe, you humanoid bulldog of Masquerade's mask." Barbara (Mor'du form) talking to X Masquerade.


Pink-so what(lyrics)

Pink-so what(lyrics)

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