Bee StrikerX
Power Level 700 Gs

Bee StrikerX is the result of a Bee Striker undergoing Jason's DarknessX process. It is unique amongst the X Bakugan because it was kept by Jason for further testing after it was developed and is used by him on occasion. It is a fairly calm Bakugan.

Bee StrikerX is even more unique because Jason developed a battle gear for it, Hive Cannon, something he has not even done for Rage Naga. Hive Cannon is unique to Bee StrikerX alone and gives it 100 extra Gs in battle.


Bee StrikerX equipped with Hive Cannon.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Hive Assault - Bee StrikerX fires his laser at his opponents, reducing their power by 300 Gs, and increasing his own power by 100 Gs.
  • X Assault - All X-stage Bakugan in play gain 200 Gs.