Birdagon (pronounced Ber-dag-in) is a bird/dragon hybrid Ventus Bakugan. He is a "good" friend of Darkus Harpus.


Bakugan FormEdit

Birdagon has a bird beak with dragon teeth, he has 2 short horns on his head. He is also light green in color, with patches of dark green. He has feathery wings, and bird legs.

Ball FormEdit

Birdagon opens up similar to Ravenoid and Fear Ripper.


Birdagon lives a peaceful life. He lives in Ventus Village, on A Vestroia. His "best friend" is a Darkus Harpus, who also lives there. He met Harpus when he offered to help her with some groceries. One of his other friends, is Chihuamax. He met Chihuamax, who one day was lost in Subterra Village, as he was brown in color. His Battle Gear is Phan. He is also friends with Rec and Monarus.

  • Gust: +200 Gs.
  • Wing Attack: +150 Gs, and nulifies opponent's Abilities.
Fusion Ability
  • Energy Blast: +250 Gs.

A StoryEdit

Birdagon was living peacefully until a odd formaation of clouds showed up. He and his friends then found themselves in a desert, where they met Señor French Shape Guy and Jim. They then went to A village to find a way to stop them, they then met the Monarus Sisters, who suggested they go look for Purple Monarus. They then found her, and went to search for Señor French Shape Guy. When they found him, he greeted them, and then showed them his true form, by transforming into Prickley, who then grabbed Birdagon, and tried to crush him to death, he was then saved by Harpus, Birdagon then suggested they combine there attacks, to bring down the giant, after their success, Prickley vowed his revenge.


  • A running gag is that whenever Rec and Monarus are talking, he interrupts them.
  • Even though he is green, I think of him as a grayish-silver.