BMK Bolcanon Stand
General Information
Bakugan Type Bolcanon
Attribute Pyrus
Power Level 1200g
Evolutions None
Voice Actor Stephen R. Hart
First Appearance Omega Brawlers' Arrival

Bolcanon is a Pyrus Bolcanon from Gundalia in Bakugan: Mechtanium Knights. He is Ellie Gwynn's Guardian Bakugan.


Bolcanon is a caring Bakugan. When he saw Ellie getting beaten badly, he joined her arsenal to help her fight. He ended up winning the battle for her and became her Guardian shortly after. He has an odd tendency to refer to Ellie as "Mistress". He does this to boost her confidence. Bolcanon is similar to Ellie in battle in the sense that he uses his small stature to his advantage. He is very fast and can out-run most any Bakugan. He likes to uses abilities in a flurry one after the other to daze his opponents and get the quick win. This is fueled by Ellie's aggressive fighting style because she will often play double or even triple Abilities to throw her opponents around.

Bolcanon's deep voice throws off many opponents, and it is unknown why he has such a low tone.

Lukas' VersionEdit

Add you stuff here, Lukas:

Actually, Bolcanon's first appearance is "Omega Brawlers' Arrival".

- by Lukas


Bolcanon appears as he did in the Original Series.

Battle DetailsEdit

Current Power Level: 1200g

Ability CardsEdit

  • Pummel Bouler - Transfers 250g from Opponent to Bolcanon
  • Harlow Warrior - Adds 300g to Bolcanon
  • Death Metal Army - Subtracts 300g from Opponent
  • Terroreyeser - Transfers 200gs from Opponent to Bolcanon
  • Fire Tornado - Negates Opponent's ability and adds 200g
  • Blaze Kick - Suntracts 200g from Opponent


  • Character Bolcanon (Character)
  • Volcano Gate (Command) - Allows user to add another Bakugan of the Pyrus or Subterra Attributes.
  • Blaze Circus (Booster) - Transfers 300g from Opponent to Bolcanon 
  • Raining Death (Specialty) - Links to Hyper Pulsor adding 200g and allows Fusion Ability Sky Striker - Alpha to be used (Linked to Hyper Pulsor)



  • Hyper Pulsor - Sky Striker

Mobile AssaultEdit

  • Pyrus Raytheus - Ray Blazer

Battle SuitEdit

  • Pyrus Fortatron - Pyrus Fortification


  • Pyrus Zenthon


  • Bolcanon, being hero, is identic as Team Anubias' Bolcanon.