"The First Idea, Has Come to Life."-Vincent


This Bakugan was Revived During The Winter Solistice. Its Atoms Are Mainly Based From A Robotallion's And A Siege. It Is Aquos and Subterra.

Personality, Traits, And AbilitesEdit


  • He has NOne Like All Necro-Bakugan. However, Like All, He Can Still Remember His Life, Death, And Actions. He Is Aggressive And Uses Dirty Tactics Like Many Necro-Bakugan As Well, But He Actually Seems To Have The Emotion Of Anger.
  • He Appears as a Blue Seige With More Rounded Armor, And two Symetrical Holes On His Chest. His Body Has A Certain Amount of Brown Everywere, But His Main Color is Blue. He Seems To Have A Weakness Against Ventus Bakugan.
  • Carver Lance:Adds 200gs. (Subterra)
  • Water Refrain:Stops The Opponet From Activating Abilities For A Short Time. (Aquos)
  • Ocean Extremes:Double G-Power Level If Below By 200gs Or More.(Aquos)
  • Break Down:Negate The Opponets gate Card, Add 20gs.
Fusion Ability::Edit
  • Finale Shot:Transfers 130gs. Requires Carver Lance to Be Active.