Chihuamax is a Ventus Chihuahua Bakugan. He has 500 Gs


Ball FormEdit

Chihuamax opens similarly to Thunder Wilda. He looks similar to Birdagon.

Bakugan FormEdit

Chihuamax looks like a Chihuahua with wings. He has brown eyes, and a white patch on his chest. Dispete being a Ventus Bakugan, he's brown in color.

  • Strong Wind: +200 Gs.


Chihuamax is a friend of Birdagon. He lives in Ventus Village with his friends. Birdagon met him one day lost in Subterra Village, as he was brown in color. Yet he felt that he was different from the others. He met Harpus through Birdagon. He is also friends with Monarus and Rec. He will become good friends with Kat.

A StoryEdit

Chihuamax was living peacefully until a odd formation of clouds showed up. Everyone was then in a desert.


  • He is based off of my Chihuahua named Max.