Crusade Dragonoid (nicknamed 'C.D.') is a Pyrus Bakugan in Bakugan: Brawl Force and believed to be the last of the Dragonoid species.

C.D. appears as a humanoid Neo Dragonoid, with the exclusion that he wears dragon-shaped gauntlets that hide extendable blades and bears a fire-white colored armor. As the Brawl Force's most powerful Bakugan and Guardian to Gabriel (The Brawl Force leader and great-great-grandnephew to Dan), C.D. is loyal to the cause of protecting the multiverse from the likes of the Shadow Army and is caring to all living beings besides his fellow Bakugan. Already he has sparked somewhat of a rivarly with the Shadow General Bakugan Caliban (who is rumored to be behind the extinction of all Dragonoids in Vestoria). However, he suffers from amnesia thus he can't remember his past though he strangely has visions of encountering the original Bakugan who saved Vestoria and even knowing Dan himself, which has led many of the Brawl Force to wonder...

Ability Cards Edit

* Bladed Dragon

* Pyrus Surge

* Pyrus Tempest

* Ultima Dragon

* Pyrus Meteor