Dr. Ray Fugas
Gender Male
Attribute Subterra Attribute
Guardian Coredem
Other Bakugan Unknown

Dr. Ray Fugas is the lead human scientist in the research of bakugan, and is the father of Serge Fugas

Occupation & HistoryEdit

Ray Fugas researches Bakugan and the magical properties of the cards, bakugan marbles, the mysterious in between world known as "The Field", and everything else connected to the magnificent creatures from Vestroia. He is particularly interested in the robotic bakugan - and more recently - the data bakugan found within the DNA Code - which he received years before the Vexos, Spectra, or Marucho because he intercepted, and captured the DNA, stopping it from travelling elsewhere, before releasing it far into space when he, and his home Cyber City, disappeared mysteriously, leaving the data to continue its course to the 3 other receivers.

Since then, Ray Fugas has...changed. He partially escaped the fate of the rest of Cyber City, and now, along with his lab and a group of assistants, he has returned to the human world, his lab mysteriously appearing in the middle of his son's new town - somehow, connected directly to the Fugas home. He has re-obtained the 4th fragment of the DNA Code, unable to complete the Code again, as Spectra, Marucho, and Professor Clay each have 1 of the fragments of the code. The code is enough. His Code Fragment came with some of the bakugan from the original code, like Marucho's. He recently has been able to complete his main 2 projects that were nearing completion upon his process. One, he has successfully materalized the Sub Terra Coredem and Bronze Rock Hammer from within the Code. Secondly, he has discovered a way to "evolve" a bakugan, by enfusing it with the DNA Code...

Having completed his past work, he now works intently on returning Cyber City from the Doom Dimension, but so far, has been unable to even link to the dimensions, even with Doom Cards, as if something closed the old passage and opened a new one...

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Its is currently unknown what every Bakugan and card the Doctor has is, due to the fact that he has been devoting himself to his research for the past 10 years. Currently, only one of his bakugan is known: His Subterra Coredem, which he managed to materalize from within the DNA Code.


  • Sub Terra Coredem - 740Gs
  • Bronze Rock Hammer - 100Gs

Gate Cards

  • Sub Terra Reactor: Sub Terra Bakugan gain 300Gs
  • Hyper Merge: Transfer 300Gs to your Bakugan
  • Grand Spirit: Your bakugan gains 100Gs for each bakugan on the field

Ability Cards

  • Copycat: This card's effect becomes the same as one of your opponent's ability or gate cards
  • Earthquake: One of your Sub Terra Bakugan gains 300Gs. All Non-Subterra Bakugan(except Ventus Bakugan) lose 200Gs