Busy being Gadget by pookerskull

Gadget as illustrated by Pookerskull of DeviantArt

Gadget is a Vestal who uses not only Darkus type Bakugan, but uses ones out of the rare variety. Such as clear Bakugan or Special Attack Bakugan.


Gadget is a 17 year old brawler who was trapped in Vestroia at a young age. There he met his guardian Bakugan Kirrinoid. He lacks a lot of knowledge when it comes to personal boundaries and will often sleep in someone else's bed or jump in a shower randomly. Despite all this he is an excellent thief.


Gadget; being a Vestal. Has barely many friends. His closest friend is Molly Lavado who; he tends to abuse his personal space bubble invasion due to her not minding the things he does. Their friendship is mainly based on their attribute.


Gadget's Bakugan switch every so often, but he is often seen using Kirrinoid, a Darkus Bakugan with the ability to swap either attributes or G-Power with the opponent.

Habits and MannersEdit

Gadget has what others deem to be the worst habits and manners in existence. He has been known to invade not only people's bedrooms and showers, but their privacy in general. He doesn't intend to do so, but he's always getting seen as a bad guy for it. Prime examples of this are his issues with understanding symbols other than the ones on Bakugan. He often tends to go into the women's bathroom, showers, change rooms, and hot springs because he believes the dress on the ladies symbol is really a scarf parted to both sides. Thus he believes it is an area for those with scarves. Gadget also tends to read whatever he sees. This gets him in trouble because he eventually ends up reading someone else's diary or journal.


- Gadget's creator; digital-gamer-giga of DeviantArt is an Alice in Wonderland fan. Thus the design of Gadget is based off of the Cheshire Cat.

- Gadget's Bakugan Kirrinoid, and his thievery are a parody of King of Bandits: Jing. Where as Gadget is Jing and Kirrinoid is Kir.

- Both characters he is based off of use riddles.

- Despite being based on the Cheshire Cat, he has a personality similar to the Mad Hatter.