Gadgit is a Subterra Bakugan from the fan fiction of Bakugan: Brawl Force.

Gadgit is a short robotic-like Bakugan whose arms and legs bear gear-shaped accesories on them along with a large rotating gear on his back. He is a brilliant thinker, always crafting new battle strageties and combos to use for each Bakguan battle though he perfers not to fight as he is scared to lose. He is the Guardian Bakugan to Hanna from the dimension of Mechancia and shares a special bond with her as they love building new mechanical devices and are firm believers in science. In battle, Gadgit has the ability to transform into a robotic version of a Bakugan (with him in the center as the 'heart') and uses its power to take down any opponent. So far in the story, he has changed into two different Bakugan - a Gorem and Dragnoid.

Ability Cards Edit

* Gadget Transformation - Gorem

* Gadget Transformation - Dragonoid