Subterra Gaian is one of ILikeLyke's Bakugan. It was rarely used, because usually the sheer intimidation of fighting against Gaian scared most opponents into submission. Strangely, despite it's strength, it is not one of ILikeLyke's Guardian Bakugan.


Name: Gaian

Element: Subterra
G-Power: 900 (Par for Gundalian Bakugan)
Apperance: See picture
Ball form: will draw later


  • Titan Fist(+200G)
  • Gaiablade (+300G)
  • Terramerge (opponent -200G, -400G if opponent is also subterra)
  • Rune Ward (Negate all Darkus abilities)
  • Ligify (-300G on a non-Subterra opponent, and freezes movement)

Fusion Abilities

  • Titan Cross: upgrade of Titan fist (+400G)
  • Ward of Krosa: upgrade of Rune Ward (Negates all Darkus abilities and grounds all enemies)
  • Genesis: upgrade of ligify (transfer 400G from each non-subterra opponent to Gaian, also freezes movement)

Special Abilities

  • Dust Storm (transfer 400G from a Ventus opponent to Gaian)

Less realistic, over-the-top abilities

  • Willpower: (Prevents Gaian's abilities from being prevented)
  • Force of Nature: (Gaian's G-P cannot be cut below 900)
  • Krosan slayer: (Transfer 600 G-P from each opponent to Gaian)
  • Overtake: Gaian's G-P is now equal to his opponent + 30
  • Decimation: Divide each bakugan's G-P by 10 unless they are at base level (this includes Gaian as well)
          In Roman times, the word "Decimation" means kill one out of every ten soldiers. This is punishment for fleeing a battle.
  • Gravity: Negate all flying abilities, and causes flying bakugan to crash, losing 25% of it's G-P
  • Excavation: subtract 1000 G-P from opponent. 1200 if the opponent is underground or is also Subterra.
  • Zero Write: Cancel all abilities (even Gaian's own). Cannot be prevented.


Being grounded due to it being a Subterra, Gaian is rather weak against Ventus opponents. The Dust Storm ability becomes useful in dealing with Ventus threats. Gaian can also be lifted into the air by it's partner Bakugan, Ventus Vekhtor.* Ligify binds opponent with roots that seem to become a part of them, and is deadly against any non-subterra bakugan. Ward of Krosa is also rumored to hide yet another special ability...

(*Upcoming Bakugan)