Power Level 470 Gs

Hydran is a rather focused Bakugan that sometimes starts the battle before anyone else does.They are named after and resemble the Hydra,a mythical creature that regrows more heads whenever one head is cut off. This concept makes any Hydran a difficult opponent to battle, thanks to the Recuperation ability card, which only makes it stronger when it's defeated.

  • Special move cards:
  • Poison Spit:Spits poison balls while moving around horizontally, subratcting 100 Gs from an opponent ant letting Hydran gain 200 Gs.
  • Draining Thorns:Thorns sprout around target and steel 100 Gs from opponent, increasing Hydran's by 300
  • Recuperation: Played when a Hydran is defeated, instead of disappearing, Hydran grows another head, and gains 50 Gs.
  • Main element:Subterra
  • Highest G-Power: 470