Laziroth is a robotic bakugan of the Aquos Attribute. He looks similar to Laserman, but doesn't have the shoulder-mounted cannons, and in its place has twin cannons attached to its wrists and twin jetpacks on its legs. It is partnered with Serge Fugas. He has 380Gs.


Ability Cards

  • Aquos Sniper: Laziroth gains 80Gs and can attack a bakugan on another Gate Card.
  • Laser Blade: A blade of pure energy comes out of one of Laziroth's wrist cannons, giving him 50Gs and allowing him to negate an ability.
  • Lazer Leech: Laziroth shoots wires out of his chest, which latch on to his opponent and transfer 70Gs from them to Laziroth.
  • Rocket Fist: Laziroth shoots one of his fists as a missile, gaining 80Gs and causing all opposing bakugan to lose 50Gs.

Fusion Ability Cards

  • Jet Rocket Fist: Laziroth's fist missile picks up speed and glows with energy, negating an ability and causing an opposing bakugan to lose 100Gs(Rocket Fist must be active to use)
  • Aerial Assault: Laziroth takes off into the sky and barrages the opponent with missiles, negating the Gate Card, and gains 120Gs.