Power Level 790 Gs

LeonidasX is the DarknessX evolved form of Leonidas, and is Veldar's guardian Bakugan.

LeonidasX shares the same temperament as all X-stage Bakugan, he is calm and collected even in battle. In his new form, LeonidasX has much larger wings, even growing a second pair. He has also acquired a large gun in his new form, and can use it with devastating power.

Although LeonidasX is a Haos-attribute Bakugan, through the DarknessX process he has gained the roulette attribute ability, which activates when he stands on a gate card. When LeonidasX stands, he has a one-in-three chance of becoming either a Pyrus or Ventus Bakugan, or staying as a Haos Bakugan.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Snipe Shot - LeonidasX fires his rifle at the enemy, reducing their Gs by 100 and increasing his own by 200
  • X Assault - All X-Stage Bakugan in play gain 200 Gs.
  • Holy Ground - LeonidasX's gate card; Haos, Pyrus, Or Ventus Bakugan gain 200 Gs, LeonidasX gains 400 Gs.