Mako is an Aquos Bakugan that bears resembles an anthropomorphic shark

Mako is the Guardian Bakugan of Kenny from Earth in the fan fiction Bakugan: Brawl Force, and is a fun-loving and easily-vain Bakugan who loves to music and has the bad habit of rapping poorly after a victory. He may be not smart as Subterra Gadgit or fast as Ventus Pteranoid, but he makes up for these with his awesome strength, determination, and loyalty to his Brawler. He is a good friend to Pyrus Crusade Dragonoid and has swore to help his new friend restore his memories as well as saving the multiverse from the evil Shadow Army.

Ability Cards Edit

* Predator Bullet

* Mega Fang

* Whirlpool Fang

* Dorsal Sabre

* Aquos Concert

* Aquos Stream