Mothonoid is a Mechanical burst bakugan and a Bakugan owned by G2000


In ball form Mothonoid resembles Atchibee (Due to being a mechanical version of it). The differences are only 2 wings being present, designs being replaced with Wrath's symbol and variations of it, the small claw like appendages are now traded in for 3 insect leg like appendages, and the head is a lot more insect like. There are Battle Gear pegs and slots to insert certain Bakugan Rraps.

In bakugan form it resembles Atchibee almost exactly. The only difference being the designs, wings, limbs, and the head.

Gates and AbilitiesEdit

(This Bakugan was never actually used in battle but 2 of the abilities were used with other Bakugan owned by G2000)

Strike Slash:Adds 100 Gs

Poisonous Stab:Subtracts 300 Gs from opponent and adds them to Mothonoid or Bakugan being used.

(With these abilities the names are known but not the effects)

Poisonous Dust

Acid Wing

Insectoid Summon

(This gate was never used but the effect is known)

Ultimate Mecha Insect:Brings Mothonoid Bakugan Gs to 1000 if they are wearing Battle Gear or a Trap is in use.