Q-Star Minus is a Darkus Bakugan, the neutral version of Q-Star Plus.


Just like Q-Star Plus, no one knows how this Bakugan looks like, or even does it exist. However, there are few people who have probably seen him, and that's what they say about him :

Possible G-Power: 700,725 or 775

Special Ability Cards: An nameless Ability Card that halves the printed G-Power of 1 opponent's Bakugan, or increases the G-Power of Q-Star Minus by half its total (it's unknown which one effect this card uses, or both of them)

Special Effects: Somehow, all of the people who seen him say, that its user was able somehow to re-roll him back during a battle, and summon Q-Star Plus, without using any Special Ability Cards, or other such.

User: Also, they all say that its user had a faceless mask on his face, Dark-Blue hair, and he weared a tuxedo, which was all black from the left side, and all white from the right side.