"Such A Powerful Creation, I Must Keep It....."-Vincent


Ripper Dragonoid Was Revived In The Summer Solitice, By The Bakugan Solistice System.He Was Made From The Particles Of A Darkus Fear Ripper and Dragonoid.

Personality, Traits, and AbilitiesEdit


  • A Bakugan With No True Emotions Or Spirit, Just Like All Necro-Bakugan. he Is Fiercer Than Them, And Has No Bond With His Creator Unlike Others. He Also Seems to Have Lack Of Energy Against Haos Bakugan.
  • More Or So A Drkus Dragonoid With Fear Ripper's Color Themes and Black Armor. The Main Head Horn Is Gone and He Has two Red Horns On The Side Of His Head.His Wings have Claws In The Intersection Of His Bones, This Are Has A Plate Of Meatal On it.His Top Chest Has A Classic Dark Midevil Piece, His Tail Has A Red trident, And Black Armor Running Down His Back.


  • Silent Nova  : Transfer 11500Gs from each opponets Bakugan.
  • Blaze Gladiator : Negate the opponets Gate Card, Adds 1700Gs.
  • Lightning Shadow : Negate an Ability, Add 1350Gs.
  • Doom Blast : Drops opponets power level to their base.
Fusion Ability:Edit
  • Aurora Destroyer: Add 1200Gs. Requires Silent Nova to be active.