Serge Fugas
Gender Male
Attribute Aquos Attribute
Guardian Laziroth
Other Bakugan Aquos Terrorclaw, Aquos Limulis, Aquos Fear Ripper, Aquos Robotallion and Aquos Jelldon

Serge Fugas is an Aquos Brawler who tends to use Robotic bakugan - robot-like bakugan that are NOT made through artificial means - like Laziroth and Robotallion


Serge is the son of the leading human scientist of bakugan, Dr. Ray Fugas, and inherits the rewards, by knowing the science behind the brawls, and using that knowledge to brawl with a unique understanding of the bigger picture.


Serge is known far-and-wide for his extreme loyalty to his friends - though only those he knows he is able to trust indefinitively get that rare honor. He also has a strong sense of justice, while being a tad hyper and easily angered.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Serge specializes in Aquos bakugan and has several cards that are not bakugan-specific - those cards will be listed here.


  • Aquos Laziroth (380Gs)
  • Aquos Terrorclaw (330Gs)
  • Aquos Limulis (300Gs)
  • Aquos Fear Ripper (320Gs)
  • Aquos Robotallion (360Gs)
  • Aquos Jelldon (350Gs)

Gate Cards

  • Energy Merge: Transfer 100Gs to your bakugan
  • Aquos Reactor: Aquos Bakugan gain 200Gs
  • Aquos Shift: Aquos Bakugan on this card may change their attribute.
  • Interruption: Negate an ability card
  • Triple Battle: You may add another bakugan to the battle

Ability Cards

  • Tidal Wave: An Aquos Bakugan gains 200Gs
  • Water Refrain: Negate one of your opponent's ability cards
  • Dive Mirage: Move your Aquos Bakugan to another Gate Card. If that Gate Card belongs to your opponent, it cannot be opened
  • Robotic Revenge: A Robotic Bakugan(Laziroth or Robotallion) gains 50Gs. If one of your Robotic Bakugan has already been defeated in this brawl, your Robotic Bakugan gains an additional 150Gs.
  • Lightning Uppercut: Robotallion gains 120Gs
  • Robotallion Enforcement: Robotallion gains 50Gs
  • Mega Claw: Terrorclaw OR Fear Ripper gains 120Gs
  • Slash Zero: Fear Ripper gains 80Gs
  • Lightning Shot: Transfer 70Gs to your Jelldon

Relation Cards

  • Co-Relation Between Aquos and Ventus: If your Aquos Bakugan is facing a Ventus Bakugan, it gains 100Gs
  • Diagonal Relation Between Aquos and Sub Terra: If there is an allied Sub Terra Bakugan on the field, your Aquos Bakugan and one allied Sub Terra Bakugan gain 100Gs.
  • Triple Node - Pyrus, Aquos, Haos: If there is an allied Pyrus and Haos Bakugan on the field, your Aquos Bakugan, one allied Pyrus Bakugan, and one allied Haos Bakugan gain 100Gs

Fusion Ability Cards

  • Dual Blaster: Robotallion gains 60Gs and negates an Ability Card(Fuses with Lightning Uppercut)
  • Prolonged Electrocution: Transfer 100Gs to Jelldon(Fuses with Lightning Shot)