Power Level 540 Gs

Stationrider is a Bakugan that has wheels for feet and can move at incredibly high speeds, making it a good Bakugan if your enemy has slow Bakugan, or average Bakugan in most cases.

Stationrider are often very proud Bakugan and usually claim to be the fastest around. They back this statement up with their powerful ability cards.

Special CardsEdit

  • Speeding Uppercut- Takes 100 Gs from opponent and gives them to Stationrider.
  • Speed of Light Boost- +200 Gs for Haos and Ventus, -200 Gs for Darkus and Subterra.
  • Barrier of Speed- Sends giant invisible wall at the nearest opponent, negating their last ability card.
  • Rushing Trains of Light- Stationrider's special gate card. +300 Gs for any Ventus or Haos Bakugan, +50 Gs for Darkus or Subterra, +200 for Pyrus and Aquos.

Standard G-level: 540 G's