The Teleportation Belt was a device commonly used by Jason during his initial appearances. It was his mode of transport during the Strike of Jason story arc.


The belt itself is made of black leather, with various golden, computer chip-like designs emblazoned onto it. The buckle is where the science happens. A glowing dot and a small dial are set here, and they tune in to a watch-like device worn on Jason's right wrist, where he can set the location he desires to teleport to.


Jason uses the belt to get to where he wants to be around the world. The belt itself can only teleport him to a place he has been before, so if Jason wishes to teleport somewhere, he must first visit it and 'set' it's location in the device on his wrist. After that he can transport himself to the location anytime he wants.

Jason also uses the device to escape from dangerous situations.


  • After Jason accomplishes his goal, he still wears the belt, but does not seem to use it as often, preferring more common modes of transportation, such as a bus.
  • The belt was not going to originally be in Jason's arsenal. Instead, he was originally going to simply project a hologram anywhere in the world. The idea was later scrapped.