Tyson XEdit

Tyson X is a 11 year old Pyrus Brawler who likes using Dragon Type Bakugan in battle such as Dragonoid and Helios also he is a fan of using destructive abilitys to crush his opponents.


Tyson has been playing bakugan since he was 6 and started figuring out how to win fairly easy,he and his parents live in new york and are rich also he likes spending money on video games.


He is a very cool person who has many freinds and is a very good bakugan player.He also has a short temper and can act very crazy yet he still can be a very good person who when he needs to stand up for his freinds.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

  • Pyrus Drakonix (500Gs)
  • Silent Drakonix (750Gs)
  • Pyrus Cobra Helios (600Gs)
  • Pyrus Serpenoid (400Gs)
  • Pyrus Doom Dharak (700Gs)
  • Pyrus Avior (500Gs)

Gate CardsEdit
  • Pyrus Reactor: Increase all Pyrus Bakugans on this Gate Card 300G each.
  • Blaze Accelerator: Increase all Pyrus Bakugans on this Gate Card by 100 every turn.

Ability CardsEdit
  • Backfire: Use your Pyrus Bakugan in the battle to nullify your opponent's Gate Card. Also, decrease your opponent's Bakugan by 100G.
  • Meteor Burst:Everytime drakonix opponnt uses a normal ability or a special ability they lose 200G's
  • CrossFire:Everytime drakonix use an ability i gain 150G's if used together with Meteor Burst I gain 250 every time i use and ability special or fusion
  • Meteor Smash:drakonix negate my opponents last ability then i do the same effect as that ability except twice as strong
  • X Double Cross:drakonix gain the same amount of G's as my opponents current total then transfer 200G's
  • Dragon Dive:I gain 600G's
  • Chaos Savior:Halves drakonix opponents G's then decreases mine by 500
  • Stardust Rain:My opponents trap and battle gear are beaten and drakonix opponent loses 500G's if traps or battle gear are brang into the battle after this ability is played they also lose 500G's
  • Massive Anihilation:Everytime drakonix opponnt uses a normal ability or a special ability they lose 200G's
  • Blaster Impact:drakonix opponents bakugan returns to its base G's then i gain all the G's it lost or gained
  • Blockbuster Explosion:drakonix opponent cant use abilitys and lose 100G's
  • Photon Blast:Gain 600G's
  • Final Strike:Drakonix's opponent loses 500G's
  • Galaxy Xtreme:Everytime drakonix's opponent uses a special ability they lose 200G's and i gain 200
  • Volcanic Scatter Shot:drakonix opponent past abilitys are negated

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Galaxy Blaster:Gain 300G's then drakonix opponent cannot activate a fusion

Wins And LossesEdit