Gender Male
Attribute Haos Attribute
Guardian LeonidasX
Other Bakugan Fear Ripper, Serpenoid

Veldar is a teenager who enjoys brawling with friends and playing video games.

At some point in the past, Veldar encountered Haos Leonidas, who had arrived from the doom dimension, while Veldar was traveling in the park. Since then, Leonidas has been Veldar's Guardian Bakugan, proving to be more than strong enough to contend with enemies like Jason.

He attends the same school as the main Brawlers, and often sees them after school in the park. However, he has his own way of doing things, and rarely hung out with them.

In the past few months he has been to many bakugan tournaments,hung out at the park with friends and has been looking for a job.Veldar's main goal is to stop jason from reviving naga, which is why he spends alot of his time practicing for when he finally confronts jason and hopefully stops him. On few occasions he'll see the brawlers in the park either talking or brawling and will speak with them to see how they are doing.

Jason incidentEdit

He was one of the brawlers present when Jason made his declaration, and is now one of the brawlers intent upon stopping Jason's revival of Naga.

He has brawled against Jason twice thus far. In the first battle, Jason used a team of Haos Bakugan in a mocking way, and crushed Veldar. However, in their second incounter, Jason had amassed a team of Darkus Bakugan and, after a long, difficult battle, Veldar became the first brawler to defeat Jason, though the victory did little to slow Jason's plans.


  • Haos Leonidas-600 Gs. LeonidasX - Guardian BakuganOnly LeonidasX after Strike of Jason Arc
  • Haos Fear Ripper
  • Haos Serpenoid