Xzoen is a Bakugan Trap, sadly though, there is only one in existence.

Description Edit

Xzeon is a Bakugan that is always Darkus and another attribute. It can be any attribute, but can only be one and Darkus at the same time. An example: A Pyrus and Darkus Xzeon. Pyrus must change to Aquos making Aquos and Darkus. This Bakugan has a small cybernetic part making it somewhat mechanical. The Bakugan is also two Bakugan trapped together agaist their will.

The Bakugan in ball form is an X shape when opened. closed it looks like a line. another thing that makes this bakugan special is because it doesn't have attribute symbols.

Anime Edit

In the anime of Puppy1's fanfic, this is Rinku's trap bakugan. the bakugan in monster form looks like a box with heads running down diagonally and tails the same way.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason for always being Darkus is what holds this Bakugan together do to all the negative emotions it has. so if the darkus is removed, the bakugan would fail to exist.